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of the trulli.

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Orange Flag for the Italian Touring Club, preserves a historic core entirely composed of trulli, houses built with dry stone, whitewashed base with lime and cone-shaped roof consisting of exposed stones. Often the top of these particular buildings is embellished with decorative inscriptions of various shapes drawn with milk of lime and depicting zodiacal or religious symbols.
The Church of San Antonio and the Trullo Sovrano are both in the shape of a trullo, evidence of the use of the architectural structure for both religious and pagan buildings. The first, with a monumental entrance consists of a main hall with a Greek cross and side chapels with vaulted roofs, the second, the highest trullo in the country, is two stories and houses a museum.
On September 27th and 28th the Saints Patrons Cosma and Damiano are celebrated with religious rites involving all citizens and pilgrims from the neighboring countries that culminate in the Basilica Minore dei Santi Medici, which houses the images of Our Lady of Loreto and the Two Saints.

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