Castellana Grotte

Italy\'s most
spectacular caves.

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The Caves of Castellana are a complex of underground cavities of karst origin, of considerable tourist interest, among the most beautiful and spectacular in Italy and are located in the Municipality of Castellana Grotte.
They develop for a length of 3348 meters and reach a maximum depth of 122 meters from the surface. The indoor temperature is around 16.5° C.
The Caves of Castellana open in the south-eastern Murge - 330 m a.s.l. - on the calcareous plateau formed in the Upper Cretaceous, about ninety-one hundred million years ago.
The beauty of the Castellana Caves attracts visitors from all over the world, and since the day they were opened to the public, more than 15 million people have traveled their underground. The visit to the Caves runs along a 3 km route: an extraordinary guided excursion, about 70 meters deep.

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