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The Space


I’m dreaming, I’m in the centre of a big city, I’m surrounded by hundreds of people with wide smiles.
Each time someone smiles, they’re saving the life of the person beside them.
The people in my dream don’t know it, I don’t know it.
I’m dreaming and suddenly I’m awake.
It’s 7 am and time to get up.
A hot shower, a shave, a text to you, far away.
I go downstairs, I need some breakfast, one that’s generous and revitalising.
My body needs sugar, energy.
A warm Danish pastry, a glass of fresh orange, some fresh fruit and a cup of coffee.
The smile of the waiter who is saving my life.
The waiter with white hair doesn’t know it, I don’t know it.
I’m ready for this day but I need you.
I call, you don’t answer.
I’ll try again.
The lawyer arrives, we need to talk business.
That’s what I’m in Bari for, it’s an important meeting.
I love my job, I love doing it well, I love doing it with the right people.
We set up in The Haus Bar, he gets out his white laptop.
Everything here is convenient, easy.
There’s a plug to charge his computer, the Wi-Fi is top speed, printing poses no problems.
For us, time is key, it lets us work well.
It’s easier to work in a place where everything is easy and immediately available, we who travel often on business know this.
We talk, we know that much depends on these few hours.
I need caffeine, I order my usual caffè lungo.
The meeting goes well, everything is lining up nicely and I’m happy, I’m pleased with the outcome I’m taking home.
I say goodbye to the lawyer, let myself be soothed by the background music in The Haus and I wander into a daydream looking at the faces of these people, in this hotel, in these spaces.
Spaces where people go about their business, where meetings take place, where relationships are built.
Spaces where people work, where people live for a few days or hours.
I glance at the monitor, it shows departing flights, mine is on time.
Reception books me a taxi and it’s time to go.
I need you.
I call, you answer.
Your voice is full, clear, happy, you’re smiling.
Your smile saved my life.
You didn’t know it, I didn’t know it.
Here, hundreds of miles from home, now I know.

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